Does your business struggle with influencing prospective customers and building brand loyalty?

How many people pass up your products or services due to bad messaging?

Is your bottom line suffering because your website is buried the search results?

Is your brand suffering from lack of online awareness?

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By creating SEO-driven storytelling content that exploits what's truly unique about your brand and how your services and/or products appeal to customer emotions.

The outcome is higher organic rankings and qualified leads, which results in stronger revenue.

The journey begins with simplified content that speaks directly to your client's needs and wants. With a focus on written content such as blog posts, service pages, taglines, and ghostwritten guest posts on third-party publications, ContentMender creates content that caters to your customer’s needs and tells a story.

Our content speaks directly to your readers in a simplified manner, helping convert prospects to clients, and enhance the loyalty of existing clients.

Everything is created through our unique seven-layer creation/editorial process, which combines storytelling that appeals to emotion with strong editing and search-friendly practices.

Using only expert talent - we match writers to clients - ContentMender creates content that identifies your potential customer's top questions and provides answers to those questions.

Search Engine Optimization - a word you shouldn’t worry about - is also a must. That’s where the other portion of ContentMender’s decades of experience surfaces. All content is search friendly while not sounding like some artificial robot.

When strong content and equally strong SEO combine, the ROI is endless.

Let us help your business become an online leader within your space through consistent and frequent content that establishes and strengthens your brand's trust, authority, and reputation.

We offer more than just content services; we offer peace of mind so you can relax and focus on other elements of your business.

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Customer First

Other digital marketing agencies focus on their competitors. We focus on the customer.

Value & Relevance

These are the two pillars of our content creation model. Without them, forget about visitor engagement.

No Hacks

We don’t use hacks that churn out useless content for pennies. End of subject. Our SEO content writers specialize in their niches; ContentMender only works with experts.

Strong SEO

We optimize content and websites for search engines. SEO is one less thing for you to worry about.

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ContentMender Clients and Featured-In Publications

ContentMender Clients and Featured-In Publications

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Ready to Grow Your Business?

Don't let your brand suffer any longer.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Don't let your brand suffer any longer.

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