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ContentMender’s Awareness PR Content Creation service is designed for business owners who are looking to scale their personal and/or business brands.

This service is targeted for executive-level councils, such as the Forbes Councils or Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC).

Already a member of a council? Perfect. If not, we can help get you a seat.

Awareness PR provides ultimate traction within two areas of your industry that are needed to effectively scale any type of business:

  • Personal brand awareness
  • Thought leadership

The content is ghostwritten by ContentMender, and is published at giant publications like, which receives over 38 million readers monthly.

To date, our staff has ghostwritten over 500 articles for CEOs across the digital marketing, medical, real-estate and finance industries.

Read our CEO’s columns on the benefits of ghostwriting at Search Engine Journal, where he is a VIP Contributor

Many of these Forbes readers are fellow entrepreneurs and investors. Their exposure to your content is a gateway for multiple B2B opportunities.

There’s also immediate Search Engine Optimization value for your business’s website(s). Every Forbes byline features a link back to a website chosen by the author.

This link back increases the domain authority of the chosen website, helping to increase rankings on search engines. The Forbes website has a domain authority of 97.

To put this into perspective, domain authority over 40 is typical, but anything over 70 is outstanding; this can help SEO efforts tremendously.

ContentMender writes on your behalf, and submits all material to the publication (if requested).

We work closely with authors to establish topics and voice that will quickly strengthen brand awareness and thought leadership within your industry.

Based on our competitive research, the cost of similar PR content services from other agencies costs thousands of dollars.

Due to the ContentMender’s business model, we’re able to significantly cut those costs.

And of course a non-disclosure agreement is signed for absolute privacy.

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