Case Study: RealTruck, The Leading Aftermarket Parts Dealer for Trucks and SUVs

Thanks to our long-standing relationship within the aftermarket car parts industry, RealTruck approached ContentMender to grow its organic traffic through an aggressive content creation and optimization campaign.

Through three-quarters of work, ContentMender increased revenue by over $1 million and grew traffic by 50%.

Increased in New Revenue

$1 Million in New Revenue

Boosted Traffic Growth

50% Traffic Growth from Re-Optimized Content

Re-Optimized Content Revenue Increase

+90% Revenue Increase from Re-Optimized Content

The Proposal

RealTruck is a multi-billion-dollar company partnered with several celebrities and famous athletes, including Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

After multiple first-party brand consolidations over the past 5 years, RealTruck acquired significantly more market share over the aftermarket truck and SUV parts space and needed a company to help optimize new and existing content on the RealTruck site to grow its market share over organic search.

RealTruck contracted ContentMender with a bold monthly proposal to create/optimize:

Original Content

15 New Long-Form Blog Pages

Page Structuring

20 Category Pages

Product Details Pages

30 Product Detail Pages (PDPs)

Much of this project involved optimizing existing pieces of content that drive millions of dollars in revenue annually–just from a single piece of content–and creating new content to serve the RealTruck audience.

Strategy & Solution

Campaign Start Date: January 1, 2023

ContentMender hired a team of writers specializing in the automotive field to provide RealTruck’s audience with a knowledgeable and personalized touch. The RealTruck team deliberately sought us out for this approach amidst the AI fervor of recent months, understanding the need to deliver truly expert-level content for their consumers.

With topics ranging from aftermarket exhaust kits to different bumper packages, we knew that we needed to be as authoritative and thorough as possible with each piece of content

Using our SEO-driven content marketing services, we created a personalized approach designed to help RealTruck reach the following objectives:

Grow website traffic using expert keyword research and authoritative writing.

Convert new website traffic into customers using customized calls-to-actions.

Acquire greater market share and brand awareness by boosting keyword rankings and growing impression shares.

The results were far greater than we even imagined.

The Results

  • $1 Million Increase in Revenue: Through a mixture of new content, links, and content optimizations, ContentMender was able to add over $80,000 in revenue from new blogs and increase existing revenue by 90%+ for existing content.
  • Increase Qualified Traffic: ContentMender was able to deliver a 50%+ increase in new users and a 60%+ increase in sessions, which has led to more conversions, revenue, and brand awareness sitewide.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: With over a million more impressions and a staggering 188% increase in clicks for existing content, ContentMender has helped expand RealTruck’s brand awareness as it navigates into new verticals.

RealSource Blogs

Results Taken: Q1-Q3 2023

  • $76,000 Increase in Revenue
  • 52,000 New Sessions
  • Over 1 Million New Impressions

RealSource is the blogging platform of RealTruck’s main site and features educational content ranging from shopping guides to how-to installation tutorials for aftermarket parts.

Over the course of three quarters, ContentMender was able to deliver a fresh $76,000 increase in revenue through the creation 15 new blogs monthly.

These blogs have also contributed significantly to increasing RealTruck’s thought leadership over the aftermarket parts industry and increasing revenue sitewide.

Product Detail Pages (PDP)

Results Taken: Q1-Q3 2023*

  • 91.4% Increase in Revenue
  • 51% Increase in New Users to the Site
  • 67.4% Increase in URL Clicks

PDPs are the lifeblood of the RealTruck eCommerce site, where they sell individual parts directly to customers. ContentMender has helped optimize these pages with additional content to help increase keyword rankings and on-page conversions.

Thanks to new educational content, ContentMender was able to help boost keyword rankings and conversions, contributing to a 91% increase in revenue, a 51% increase in new users, and a 67% increase in total clicks.

*The PDPs included in this data are heavily represented by many RealTruck brands that also had D2C website migrations occur around the same time of the page copy publications. Therefore, the gains are likely influenced by large-scale URL redirects from the secondary domains.

Category Content

Results Taken: Q1-Q3 2023

  • 93.5% Increase in Revenue
  • 50.8% Increase in New Users
  • 188.4% Increase in URL Clicks

Category pages are helpful navigation pages featuring individual products and sub-categories to assist users while shopping.

ContentMender optimized and organized these pages with additional content to boost the internal keyword rankings of each page and provide more opportunities for users to engage with the site.

Thanks to ContentMender’s efforts, category pages saw a revenue boost of 93.5%, a traffic boost of 50.8%, and an incredible URL click-through increase of 188%.

“The team at ContentMender helped us improve our brand voice by enhancing our trustworthiness through undeniable expertise. Our website’s authority is on the rise, a crucial factor in today’s competitive e-commerce marketplace.”

Andy Newhall: Director of Organic Growth and SEO @ RealTruck

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