Case Studies: PA, NJ, NY, and MD Pest Control Companies

With a passion for helping scale service-based industries, ContentMender more than doubled three pest control businesses that collectively operate—and don’t compete against each other—in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York.

Increased Qualified Traffic & Sales Leads

60% increase in organic traffic within six months

Boosted Revenue

50% increase in revenue within the first six months

Increased Qualified Traffic

Blog posts and Google Business Profile optimization contributed to a 70% increase in brand awareness

The Problem

All three pest clients found their growth impeded by a lack of online visibility. Despite having superior and ethical services, each brand was underrepresented on search engine result pages (SERPs).

These clients include The Pest Rangers, located in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania; Anchor Pest Control, located in East Brunswick, New Jersey; and Pest Czar, a female-owned exterminator out of Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore.

When each client came to us, they had a poorly functional website, no search traffic outside of their brand name, and were not showing up for local searches in organic results or the local 3-packs.

The poor design of their website, inadequate technical SEO, and lack of keyword-optimized, informative blogs caused potential customers to choose more visible competitors. Also, their Google Business Profiles were not fully optimized, which made it difficult for local clients to find their services.

Strategy & Solution

All three clients partnered with ContentMender, a leading provider of SEO-driven content marketing services, to focus on the following key objectives:

Increasing and converting qualified organic traffic through a website redesign and technical SEO

Boosting search ranking and revenue by focusing on high-intent keywords, link acquisition, and on-page SEO

Enhancing brand awareness through robust blog creation and Google Business Profile optimization

After analyzing their respective markets and individual business operations to understand the target clients, each received the following services, which are only snapshots of the much more in-depth picture:

  • Website Redesign and Technical SEO: We conducted an in-depth analysis of the websites and identified areas of improvement for UX, optimized CTAs, and stronger technical SEO. The website was redesigned with user-friendly navigation, mobile optimization, Schema optimization, and fast load times to improve user experience. 
  • Keyword Research/Content Overhaul/On-Page SEO: Keyword research was carried out to find high-intent keywords related to pest control services. All existing content was overhauled using our 7-layer editorial system that involves both traditional editing and SEO enhancements. Concurrently, other SEO elements like meta tags, alt texts, and all on-page SEO, like internal links and header tags, were optimized. On-page SEO strategies were implemented, focusing on these keywords to target potential customers at the bottom of the sales funnel. 
  • Robust Blog Creation: ContentMender created a series of informative and engaging blog posts focusing on Unique Selling Positions and brand story. These blogs were optimized for search, informative, and addressed common customer queries to attract and retain organic traffic. We also began writing 3-5 fresh blogs monthly, along with revamping older content monthly, focusing on local keywords and top-level search information. And all were optimized for converting traffic into sales leads.
  • Google Business Profile Optimization: To boost local visibility, ContentMender optimized each business’s Google Business Profile. They updated the business information, added high-quality images and content, managed reviews, and ensured the business appeared for relevant local searches.

The Results

Increased Qualified Traffic

The campaign led to a 60% increase in qualified organic traffic within six months, which also 10X sales leads. The site's improved user experience lowered bounce rate by 30%, keeping visitors engaged for longer. One client had a more than 300% increase in traffic within nine months of its campaign launch!

Boosted Revenue

Thanks to the on-page SEO efforts, each business saw a significant rise in inquiries from potential customers, which translated to, on average, a 50% increase in revenue within the first six months. For two of those clients, ContentMender more than doubled revenue within a year.

Increased Brand Awareness

The regular, robust blog posts and Google Business Profile optimization contributed to a 70% increase in brand awareness. On average, these clients started ranking for 40% more keywords on the first page of SERPs. Their local visibility also improved dramatically, leading to an average 55% increase in local business inquiries.

These partnerships with ContentMender provided a significant boost to their online visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately, their bottom line.

The companies are now poised for continuous growth, thanks to the solid foundation laid by ContentMender’s SEO-driven content marketing services. Each business continues to use our ongoing SEO-Driven Content Marketing services, which provide a monthly flow of fresh content, UX enhancement, link acquisition, and ongoing SEO.

Organic Results: The Pest Rangers

(Snapshot, July 2023)

  • 126,000 monthly visitors
  • Ranking for 23,000 keywords
  • 5x increase in revenue since the campaign began in 2017

Not only has ContentMender made The Pest Rangers the #1 pest control company in Northeast PA, but we’ve also helped make it a massive national brand that people worldwide come to for important pest control advice.

Part of this energy came from manual link reach out and getting featured on Martha Stewart’s website. We began working with them in 2017, starting first with an SEO Website Redesign and ongoing SEO-driven content marketing.

“ContentMender's SEO-focused website redesign for our pest control company was like giving our business a new lease on life. They revamped the design to look more modern and appealing and optimized the site for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find us online. The result? More traffic, more leads, and ultimately more revenue. We couldn't be happier with the results.

ContentMender's blogging and localized SEO strategy for our pest control company has been a game-changer. Creating informative and engaging blog posts optimized for specific keywords and targeted to our local audience has helped us establish ourselves as experts in the field and attract more qualified leads to our website.

Their SEO approach is tailored to our business, and we're seeing real results in increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, and more conversions. If you're looking for a partner to help you take your content marketing and SEO to the next level, look no further than ContentMender.”

Jeff King, Founder of The Pest Rangers

Organic Results: Anchor Pest Control

(Snapshot, July 2023)

  • 300% + increase in website traffic redesigned website launched in November 2022
  • 3x Increase in Keywords (Up to 3,000)
  • 10x Increase in Traffic Leads

ContentMender revamped Anchor Pest Control’s website and created dozens of new pages of content and location-based landing pages, which has resulted in a 10-fold increase in traffic and leads.

"Ron and the rest of the team at Contentmender took our website from a dull and hard to navigate set-up to a website I’m proud to call our own! From a full redesign and rebuild of our website to on-going SEO driven content marketing, Contentmender has helped Anchor Pest Control reach above and beyond our goals!

Ron and the rest of the Contentmender teams always makes sure we know exactly what’s going on with our campaigns with detailed reporting and monthly reviews. I can’t thank them enough for the results we have seen!"

James Haidacher (Director of Sales)

Organic Results: Pest Czar

(Snapshot, July 2023)

  • Website migration and overhaul to fix loads of technical and content issues
  • Began a minimal SEO-driven content marketing campaign
  • Steady month-over-month increase in qualified traffic
  • Increased website leads by 120% within just months of this long-term campaign

ContentMender’s web redesign resolved several technical issues plaguing the website, including broken redirects, 404 errors, and loads of duplicate content. After bottoming out and nearly 0 visitors a month, ContentMender has managed to increase traffic back to normal ranges, and it continues to increase month-over-month after relaunching the website in late February 2023.

“From the first contact, Ron has been extremely responsive to my website needs. He was able to quickly analyze many areas to improve as he migrated and redesigned my website on Wordpress.

He keeps me up to date on the actual SEO work his team is doing and has already helped increase web traffic to my business. I am very pleased working with ContentMender as they have been very transparent about what their process is and what the data shows.”

Erika Milenkovic, CEO of Pest Czar

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