How can a Freelancer Benefit Your Company?

This is the first in a series of blogs about the benefits of using freelancers. Take note that we’re talking about freelancers who are disciplined and highly skilled in their craft – not the thousands of unskilled contract workers unfortunately found on the majority of platforms that exploit freelancers for hire.

From blog posts to web content, hiring a freelancer can benefit your company in multiple ways. Freelancers are efficient, cost effective, and always ready for a new challenge. This partnership is not only helpful for any job you need to be done now, but it could assist in the future as well.

While having full-time staff is beneficial, rather than reaching out to a content mill or hiring one full-timer to handle all of your tasks, consider how hiring freelance could help your business. Here are 11 ways of hiring a freelancer can be a serious value play for your company – from both work and bottom-line perspective. We’ll focus on freelance writers considering ContentMender’s business model depends on them.

1. Flexible Hours

Freelancers choose their way of life because they want to fit the job around their own schedule. This is beneficial – instead of being chained to the 9-5 workweek, freelancers can work whenever it is convenient for them.

How does this help your business? This means getting what you want faster, more efficiently, and better. Freelancers work outside the perimeter of the “normal” workday. Whether they are part-time or freelancing full-time, if you need a job done quickly and well, freelance is the way to go.

11 Ways A Freelancer Can Benefit Your Company- saving time

2. Specialized Freelancing

Freelancers normal choose their line of work based on flexibility and skill. They are more than qualified for specialized tasks. Rather than having a staff member with a general idea, you’ll get an expert in the field. If you are looking for website design, writing, or just about anything, a freelancer will have the talent you are looking for. They don’t require extra training – just clear instructions and your expectations.

3. Different Writing Styles

If you need writing completed for just about any subject, you will find a freelance writer passionate about it. If you want variety or have a business with many different audiences, you can select different freelancers to provide you with the content. Much like specialized skills, most freelancers have a preference when it comes to subject matter. If you want an expert on the subject, consider someone who focuses on that topic alone.

This thinking is embedded in ContentMender’s business model, which matches a client with specialized freelancers within that client’s industry.

4. Skilled Writing

When you are hiring the correct freelance writer, you are hiring an expert. Freelancers dedicate themselves to their tasks; it’s their career focus. Much like when you hire a mechanic to fix your car or a doctor to perform a surgery, you should hire a skilled writer to make your business appear at the top tier of its profession. Freelance writing is a business, and you definitely get what you pay for.

11 Ways A Freelancer Can Benefit Your Company-working alone

5. Provide Additional Marketing

Freelancers will not only write for you, by they like to market themselves. Often, freelancers will showcase their work on different platforms. Promotion is the best way to acquire new clients – and it works for both parties involved. If a freelancer is particularly proud of a project, he or she will never hesitate to showcase it.

6. Freelancers Work on Their Own Time

Another way freelancing can help your business is that hiring them provides you with more space. You don’t have to provide space for freelance workers. Since they are contracted, they have their own work area. Hiring outside help cuts back on office space, supply costs, and utilities. That’s not the only cost-effective bonus, though.

7.  Lower Cost

Hiring freelancers can lower the overall cost of having a full-time employee. You don’t have to pay sick or holiday time, benefits, or other company expenses. If your company is more project-based, hiring freelancers makes more sense for short-term assignments.

11 Ways A Freelancer can benefit your company-save money

8. Independent Workers

Another great thing about hiring freelancers is that they – read, disciplined and trained freelancers –  don’t need the extra guidance other employees do. If you give them a task and they will set to work without the need of further instruction. Freelancers typically work alone, and as long as the expectations are clear, you will benefit. Since freelancing is a business and most writers want to keep their clients happy, you can rest easy knowing that they will reach out to meet your vision.

9. Dependable

If you like a freelancer’s work and wish to use them again, it is rare that your business will be turned down. Building a good relationship is beneficial for both sides; you need a project done, and they are looking for the business. If you need to make a return, they will make themselves available. Additionally, they will make sure to meet their deadlines in a timely manner to solidify a good working relationship. Reliability is a good foundation to rely on.

11 Ways A Freelancer Can Benefit Your Company

10.  Experienced Professionals

Freelancers rarely make a living without having the skill to back up their business. When you hire a freelancer such as a writer, if you make your expectations clear, you will receive quality work. To get steady work, freelancers have to showcase their skills and in a timely, reliable fashion. If you need further proof, they tend to have an extensive portfolio at the ready.

11. Quick Response Time

If you have a task that needs to be done quickly, reach out to a freelancer. While no one can perform a miracle of completing a long-term project in a month’s time, you can depend on freelancers to get a job down quickly. They are usually quick to respond and jump on a task immediately. Whether it is writing a blog or penning a magazine article, you can be sure the turnaround time will be swift.

Hiring a freelancer can benefit your company in the long run. Fast and efficient professionals, freelancers are always ready to take on a new challenge. If you are in need of an expert to help your business, consider hiring a freelancer for the job.

Not having luck finding a freelance writer for your business? Don’t worry – ContentMender has you covered. We match expert writers with the business, and not only provide further subject/writing training, but also a few other layers including all SEO elements needed for optimal search results.