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SEO-DRIVEN Content Marketing Campaigns

Our SEO-Driven Content Marketing is our most popular service, which combines an aggressive SEO campaign with an equally aggressive content-marketing campaign. ContentMender begins with an SEO audit that diagnoses all technical, on-site content, authority and mobility issues, followed by setting up the most optimal sitemap and mapping keywords to each page. We pair this with immediate on-site content creation, typically in the form of a blog, which supports our SEO efforts and your branding efforts. Once the top SEO tactics are completed, we turn that energy towards an even more aggressive content marketing strategy.


Our SEO Refresh Campaign was developed for those who have strong content but are looking to freshen up their website's performance. Our SEO Refresh focuses on improving search engine crawlability and indexing, optimizing all existing content, and helping build authority. ContentMender begins with an SEO audit and strategy, followed by a campaign execution. We also create customized reporting that allows us to identify trends and threats, and act upon those trends and threats for more optimal search results.

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We focus all of our energy on one thing: producing content that engages visitors. Our content creation solutions can be customized for any need.