Unorthodox Content Marketing Strategies

If your business is looking to attract a new audience through content marketing, sometimes the same old strategy isn’t going to work. When your competitors, and just about everyone else, are making the same moves, there’s almost zero chance of setting you apart from the crowd.

While there is value in doing what works conventionally, such as following industry trends or breaking news, there could be more in thinking outside the proverbial box with your strategy. Creating compelling content can be a creative endeavor that catches your audience’s attention and keeps them coming back for more. To do that properly, you must be willing to branch out and develop an original style. To stay on top, here are some unorthodox content marketing strategies you can try.

What are Some Unorthodox Content Marketing Strategies?-think outside the box

Find Ways to Stand Out

The easiest way to stand out from your competitors or just get noticed is to try a different approach. Discover a way to catch attention by stepping out of the norm – even if the concept is controversial or displays a strong opinion that is not typical of your business vertical. Walking on the wild side is a way to bring new readers and give loyal followers a refreshing new look.

Think of hilarious YouTube campaigns, an eye-catching Instagram post, or fun with advertisements. Companies like Tide, State Farm, and Old Spice got creative with their adverts, and those memorable spots are what capture an audience. Think of some new ways to bring readers to you.

Embrace Social Media

A good way to expand your content strategy is to branch out to social media. It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook or Twitter account. You have to actually use it to reach out and respond to your customer base. Answer questions, engage positive and negative feedback, and provide your readers with proof that you represent a living, breathing company run by real people. Get into the social media trenches and reach your consumers on a personal level. Wendy’s Twitter field is constantly crushing it. While you don’t have to go to extremes, you can build a presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, simply by posting and building a persona.

Appeal to Your Audience

Another unorthodox way of content marketing is simply letting people know your company’s story. GoldieBlox does a superb job of letting you know what their business is all about. Appeal to your customer base and get them on board; show them you are the expert, share your brand story, and invite them to share it with others.

These steps will not only help you build a strong connection with your readers, but it creates a community. With meaningful connections, your base can encourage creative content, and you can give it back to your audience. Challenge yourself and your readers by appealing to them on a personal level. Call them to action!

What are Some Unorthodox Content Marketing Strategies?-know your audience

View Products/Services from a New Angle

You’ve been advertising your product the same way for a while. Perhaps it’s time to look at your product or service from a new angle. Find different ways to make your product or service appealing.

Think of different ways you can use your service or product. Try going at your marketing strategy with a new perspective. Look at the many ways it can be useful and how you can use it to appeal to the audience. In fact, you can even get your audience in on the content building. User-generated content can add a personal touch to your strategy. Let them test, review, and put your business on display. Utilize what you can and let it be organic.

Don’t Churn out Useless Content

When it comes to content, you don’t want to ride the coattails or trends or push out blog posts just for the sake of having them. There are plenty of opportunities for good content, especially written content – one good blog will work better than 10 poor ones. Make sure your content is consistent, informative, and that you have something to say. Answer questions, educate your readers and fill their content demands. Don’t alienate your readers with useless posts.

Keep Your Door Open

If readers want one thing, it’s to be in the know. People love to be on the inside and know what your company is about. Being transparent about your business and practices is a way to build trust and a tighter community. Encourage your customer base to ask questions, address concerns, and to put their own flavor on your project.

While you may not like everything that comes from your consumers, it will appeal to others. Take McDonald’s new campaign for instance. This is a great way to show you care about customers while putting to bed some possible misconceptions. Taking this extra step will give your business the human touch and provide you with stirring content.

What are Some Unorthodox Content Marketing Strategies? shake up your strategy

Shaking up your Content Strategy

Unorthodox content strategies are great for many things, but most importantly they change perspective. By going for a weird, new, or more personal touch with your company’s content creation, your business will thrive. For any market, the ability to evolve is a crucial part of staying on top and thriving. Don’t be afraid to try something new and approach your content marketing strategy from a new perspective.



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