SEO Optimized Blog / Page Content

Optimized Blog or Page Content Creation

ContentMender offers the creation of single blog posts or pages, all optimized for SEO and delivered in a “plug ‘n play” format.

Each post and/or page focuses on focus keyword(s) and uses related keywords to show content relevancy to the search engines.

The goal of an SEO-Optimized Content Creation Campaign is to create stronger organic rankings and brand awareness, which will result in more qualified leads/sales.

ContentMender will work closely with your team to develop an SEO content marketing strategy that will increase your online presence, helping you to rank for additional terms related to your business.

The content will also help “support” main service pages, and provide educational/influential content for those researching for a solution to their problems that your business can solve.

SEO Optimized Blog / Page Content

Besides keeping your website fresh with content, which is a top ranking factor for Google and other search engines, the content can be used across social media and suggested to influencers throughout you industry, which will result in link backs from other online sources – another top ranking factor.

We recommend a blend of topics, including ones that will quickly go viral (educational, real-life anecdotes, influential, etc.) and others that are built around keywords to support the main pages.

The posts and/or pages are written in a unified voice, undergoing the following for optimal search results:

  • Optimized for focus keyword(s)
  • Use of related keywords in each post for subject relevance
  • Optimized URL structure
  • Optimized title with targeted keyword(s) and marketing message
  • Optimized Headline Tag use (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • Optimized Internal/External Linking
  • Optimized Meta Descriptions and other meta data (all marketing driven messages)
  • Optimized Image SEO, such as Alt Text, descriptions, captions
  • All content edited for grammar, flow and voice, the latter for consistency across website
  • All blogs a minimum of 750 words to show  depth of knowledge to search engines, which designates your company as an authoritative voice within its industry

Each also arrives in a “plug ‘n play” format, with all titles, sub-titles (Headline tags), internal linking, meta descriptions, etc., filled out and ready to upload.

We also offer package deals for blog posts and/or pages, with “flex hours” available.

For example, one of our popular engagements with current customers provides:

  • 10-15 optimized posts/pages monthly (based on length), or
  • 7-12 posts/pages monthly with three “flex” hours for any other needs, including on-site optimization of existing content, additional content creation for newsletters or product copy, content strategy consulting, etc.

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