SEO Optimized Blog / Page Content

Optimized Blog or Page Content Creation

ContentMender offers the creation of single blog posts or pages a la carte style, all optimized for SEO.

Each post and/or page is focused on one or two target keywords, and the use of related keywords, which is a must to show relevancy for search engine searchability.

The posts and/or pages arrive in a “plug ’n play” format, including suggestions designed from best SEO practices for:

  • URL Structure
  • Title
  • Headline Tags (H2, H3, H4 etc.)
  • Internal/External links
  • Meta Data
  • Categories/Tags (if applicable)

We also offer package deals for blog posts and/or pages, with “flex hours” available. For example, one of our popular engagements with current customers provides:

  • 10-15 Optimized Posts/Pages Monthly (based on length), or
  • 7-12 Posts/Pages Monthly with 3 flex hours for any other needs, including on-site optimization of existing content, additional content creation for newsletters or product copy, etc.

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