DIY Blog Services: We Create the Strategy, You Do the Writing

Since the pandemic began, we had a few blogging clients pause. 

Many were counting on us for up to five blogs per week. But when the pandemic punched their pocketbooks, many were forced to cut the blogging. 

DIY Blog Writing Services

Understanding the awesome power of consistent blogging, some clients took the writing in-house. With some editing, the writing process wasn’t the most challenging part. Rather, the biggest struggle was creating a list of topics and enhancing them with SEO.  

To keep things consistent with our previous campaigns, we began providing strategies, a list of optimized topics, and writing guidelines that showed them exactly how to write the blog. 

The service saved these companies much money while helping them retain their rhythm of a constant flow of optimized blogging content.

The results were impressive, which prompted us to offer DIY Blog Writing Services for clients with in-house writers. 

DIY Blog Services: What You Get

We approach the blogging strategy just as we would for any client using our SCORE content marketing services. 

The process goes as follows:

  • Competitive Research
  • Current Ranking/Blog Content Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Research
  • List of Optimized Titles
  • SEO Content Guidelines for Each Blog
  • Final Edits

What does this all mean? The research and analysis help us prep for what topics we’ll offer. Most of these topics are separated into clusters of, say, five topics built around a specific theme. 

For example, if you ran a certified public accountant business, one cluster would be around why it’s smarter for many to outsource taxes versus doing them yourself because of the numerous nuances involved. Another group would focus on answering the most frequently asked questions about the terms used in accounting. 

Once we complete the topic and keyword research, we create a list of optimized titles. When those titles are approved, we then supply you with “SEO Content Guidelines” for each topic. 

These include:

  • Target Keyword for Blog (typically long-tail keywords, meaning they are more refined for exact search queries).
  • Optimized Title
  • Optimized Meta Description (the small marketing description under your title in the search results pages)
  • Optimized URL structure
  • What Subtopics to use/Questions to Answer
  • Related keywords to use in copy (these provide relevance signals to your topic and help influence rankings)
  • Style Guide for Writing Blogs
  • Top 10 URLs ranking for the chosen keyword

Once you finish your writing, you simply pass it back to us. We edit for flow and grammar and also provide SEO enhancements like what to use for header tags and internal/external links. If you are using photos/infographics/other art within your blogs, we’d be happy to provide an optimized “Alt Text” for that image, also. 

You get that back in a “plug n’ play” format, meaning you simply copy/paste into your website’s content management system, and amplify through your social media and newsletter or whatever other channels you use. 

Note: this service best works for those with technically sound platforms. If you need an audit or any SEO work, feel free to reach out. 

DIY Blog Writing Services: Pricing

We supply the above work in chunks of 10 topics for $500. Our typical SCORE blogging services for 10 blogs would start at $2500 ($250 for each blog). If you have a competent writer on staff, you can save $2000 per 10 blogs. 

And if your writer needs any help, our Founder/CEO Ron Lieback, author of 365 to Vision: Modern Writer’s Guide (How to Produce More Quality Work in Less Time), offers coaching services for single or teams of writers.

Contact Us Today for DIY Blogging Services
Short on marketing dollars, or have an amazing writer on staff? Let us do the toughest part of the blog writing process. We will create the strategy, provide the topics and SEO Content Guidelines, and complete all editing. Please provide us with a URL and any questions you may have.