Like most job seekers, freelance writers rely on various methods to find work, including scrolling through job sites. But unlike most job seekers who turn to general, one-size-fits-all online job boards, many freelancers look for writing gigs in their areas of specialty, whether it’s blogging, business writing, copywriting, or writing magazine articles. (This isn’t to say you can’t have more than one specialty, but most seasoned freelancers prefer to focus on one or two niches and may only branch out occasionally).

Standard job sites like and only post the occasional freelance or telecommuting position. If you’re a professional writer looking to expand your reach and connect with potential clients, you will likely find more opportunities that match your skills and areas of interest on freelance sites.

These job boards advertise all sorts of freelance writing gigs, from one-off projects to long-term contracted assignments. Most allow, even expect, applicants to work remotely, but some ask their independent contractors to come into their office from time to time.

TOP 10 FREELANCER JOB SITES FOR WRITERS- put yourself out there

Depending on the type of freelance writing work you’re seeking, you may want to check out the openings on sites for highly specialized niches, such as technical writing. But if you just want to do a broad search for freelance opportunities, below are 10 of the best job sites for freelancers. Although most are targeted specifically at writers, some are open to other freelance talents in a variety of niches (such as graphic design or web developers).

1. (

Whether you’ve been writing for a few months or a few decades, a freelancer can find a wealth of information on this site. From articles about building and maintaining your career to podcasts about the writing life to a list of markets and directory of writers-for-hire, this site has a little bit of everything.

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2. (

Established in 1997, is a comprehensive freelance platform that matches professional writers with clients who want to hire them. Clients post jobs, and the site promises a thorough vetting process to match the writers’ skills with the client’s needs. Additionally, writers can sign up to search their list of writing jobs.

3. Freedom With Writing (

Writers can sign up to receive this free weekly newsletter that includes lists of publishers who pay writers (besides magazines, calls for submissions to short story anthologies and essays are often included), helpful articles, writing contests, and reviews of various publishers.

4. Funds For Writers (

Veteran freelance writer C. Hope Clark is the force behind this longtime go-to resource for those looking for freelancer work. Writers can find paying magazine markets and other writing opportunities, contests, notices of grant opportunities, and other information.


5. Make A Living Writing (

Another longtime favorite freelancer website.’s founder Carol Tice is something of a rock star in the freelance writing world, and this website is one of the main reasons why. Comprehensive, current, and most importantly, chock-full of information to help freelancers on all levels, this site is one to bookmark.

6. Upwork (

Formerly known as, Upwork matches freelancers in a wide range of niches with potential clients. The client posts the job, and Upwork’s team screens the applicants’ skills to find the right match for the job.


More than just a job site, is a free, weekly e-newsletter focused on all aspects and genres of writing, particularly authors looking to self-publish. The newsletter includes feature articles, a Paying Markets section of magazines that pay writers, and a list of jobs for freelance writers, editors, and photographers. Additionally, each issue contains a Whispers and Warnings section and Freelance Success Story. (The editor also accepts newsletter article queries from freelancers).


This is the site for those interested in the world of print or digital media. From full- and part-time staff positions at newspapers and magazines to unique postings from academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and everything in between, including freelance work, this site is dedicated to all things communications.

9. MediaBistro (

The premier job site for media professionals, MediaBistro is a great resource for those new to the industry or established veterans. In addition to its extensive listing of both full-, part-time, and contracted jobs, the site includes blogs about various aspects of the industry, including film and publishing, courses, and various seminars for journalists.


Freelance writing is one of the most written-about and discussed topics in the blogosphere and around the Internet, so there are plenty of resources available for beginning, established, and veteran freelancers. To that end, the primary focus of is just that—their various job postings. You’ll find articles about job hunting for freelancers and other resources, but on this site, you will find plenty of resources to help you serve your writing clients even better (and these days, good customer service can be in short supply, so always be that writer who goes the extra step for your client!)

There are countless websites available for freelance writers and relevant job openings, but many on the list above have been around for a decade or more, so they have established reputations and are recognized as reliable sources of information. More importantly, the writers behind these sites are working freelance writers themselves and are strong advocates for adequate wages, fair operating practices, and respectful client/writer relationships.

Where do you find freelance writing jobs? We’d love to hear about other sites that are helpful to writers!



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