Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow brand awareness, connect with your audience, and boost sales. However, there are many common social media marketing mistakes that can set you back from your competitors.

Luckily, there are simple guides and services, such as digital marketing consultants, that can help you build your social presence and optimize its tools. Here, we’ll talk about some common mistakes you want to avoid.

Top 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2019- build awareness

Are You Not Using Social Media At All?

Get your brand or business out there. Social media isn’t just for personal use, having social media presence can play a key role in building awareness. Using social media platforms allows you to advertise, reach your target audience, connect with customers, receive feedback, increase your customer base, and also increase revenue.

Do You Have A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

When building a social channel, one of the most important things is to go in with a plan. First, you need to decide what you want to accomplish because just posting randomly will make your page look messy and confusing. Also, having a plan and sticking to it helps you to not disengage from your channel leaving no new content and no engagement with your customers.

Are You Using Too Many Channels?

You do not need to be on all social media platforms. Your best bet is, once you define your target audience, you can use the social media channel that best suits your customer. This also allows you to give your sole account the attention it needs to keep your customer engaged and also bring in new customers. Without a social media marketing team, you may spread yourself too thin.

Are You Doing Too Much Too Fast?

It is possible to post too much content on your social media network too fast. Oversharing can overwhelm your customer, which leads to the loss of the contents impact and potentially the loss of a follower. A subtle, powerful approach that is consistent will keep your audience engaged. You can use a posting schedule by integrating an online tool, such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

Top 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2019- plan out your posts

Are You Tracking Social Media Analytics?

There is a lot of data behind your social media network that is extremely beneficial in understanding your customer and competitors. With the use of Google Analytics or Facebook’s business page analytics, you can analyze the traffic to your page and observe the customers engagement, conversion, and buying patterns. Measuring and analyzing this data can not only up your customer service but increase your ROI.

Are You Listening To And Engaging Your Target Audience?

Using the above-mentioned metrics, you can make sure you are listening to what your audience wants. What type of content are they most interested in? Which blog posts got the most views? Tailoring your marketing efforts to what is getting the most engagement will not only keep your followers but help gain new ones. Social media is also a great forum to get feedback from your customers, good and bad. Responding and having open communication builds your credibility as a business owner.

Are You Paying For Fake Followers?

While building a genuine following may take time, having fake followers is not going to give you the customer engagement needed to build your business. Having real followers is not only going to give you genuine feedback but will also give you accurate metrics and ROI.

Are You Proofreading Your Posts And Its Content?

The content you post is what keeps your customers engaged and helps them learn about you and your brand. Whether it be a catchy headline, hashtag, or blog post, it is important to pay attention to your spelling and grammar. Not proofreading your content can not only hurt your online marketing presence but decreases credibility.

Are You Only Promoting Yourself And Your Brand?

Only talking about yourself can grow stagnant. People can get easily bored and annoyed with only seeing your promotional content. Collaboration is key. Promoting other businesses and ideas will lead to you gaining followers and attracting new customers.

Top 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2019- share other peoples posts

Concluding Thoughts

Social media is one of the best ways to conduct online marketing. However, some simple mistakes can hurt your efforts. Doing your research, using your analytics, creating engaging content, keeping open communication with your customers, and collaborating with other businesses can boost your brand awareness and sales. Everyone makes mistakes, but as long as you address them and fix them you will be successful.