The internet has often been compared to the Wild West in ways.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common to run into spammy and black-hat companies that rip companies off for their money.

That’s why ethical SEO project management is such an important commitment to the ContentMender team. Because if there is one currency stronger than money, it’s your reputation.

So, let’s discuss the importance and ethics of SEO project management and what to look for or expect out of an SEO campaign manager.

What Is SEO Project Management?

SEO project management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals in an online marketing campaign. The goal is to maximize the visibility of a website or business on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some common strategies of an SEO project may include:

  • Content evaluation and optimization
  • Link building
  • Technical Optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising (technically separate from SEO)

The importance of SEO project management lies in its ability to help businesses reach their desired goals faster than if they were attempting it alone.

A good project manager will be able to identify opportunities for improvement, create actionable plans with measurable objectives, monitor progress against those objectives, and adjust strategies as needed based on data analysis. They also provide accountability by tracking all activities related to the project from start to finish so everyone involved knows what’s happening at any given time.

Some tasks of the SEO project manager may include:

  • Leveraging analytics tools like Google Analytics to track user metrics.
  • Researching keyword trends and data using a keyword tracker tool.
  • Reviewing competitor campaigns using a competitive research tool.
  • Using content analysis tools to create new topic ideas.
  • Creating a content calendar to rank for specific keywords and engage with customers.
  • Building backlinks through organic outreach.
  • Optimizing local pages via native websites or Google Business Profile to increase local SEO presence.
  • Conducting technical audits to discover issues related to indexing, usability, and page speed.
  • Creating branded strategies to market businesses and thought leaders via social media and organic SEO.
  • Ensuring all stakeholders have access to relevant information about the project so they understand why certain decisions were made throughout its duration.

Now that we have a better understanding of the role of the SEO project manager let’s explore how it can benefit your business.

The Importance of SEO Project Management

Continuous Monitoring

SEO projects require careful planning and execution and constant monitoring of results.

It’s not enough to just have a website; it must be optimized correctly so that search engines can find it and rank it highly.

The SEO project manager will ensure that issues are resolved on your backend when they pop up and that improvements are made when performance dips.

Meeting Deadlines and Budgets

Project managers must guarantee that all aspects of an SEO project are accomplished in a timely manner and within the allocated budget. They will work with the marketing team to assign tasks and ensure that tasks are completed by their expected date.

In turn, the SEO project manager can ensure that statement of work (SOW) proposals are completed to the client’s desire and that the client is satisfied.

Building Reports

Keeping the client apprised of all work and progress is important in ensuring that money is being properly spent.

It’s all too common for marketers to spin information to their benefit. That’s why building unbiased and easy-to-read reports is essential for clients to determine whether an engagement is working to their desire.

Facilitating Communication

Most business leaders outsource their SEO because they don’t understand it entirely.

SEO projects are thus responsible for ensuring that clients are always kept in the loop and that deliverables/progress are communicated in a clear way.

We recommend hosting weekly or monthly calls with clients to always keep them apprised, though this may differ by client or agency.

Tips for Effective Project Management

SEO project management is a vital part of any successful digital marketing strategy. By implementing effective project management techniques, businesses can ensure that their SEO efforts are well-coordinated and organized, helping to maximize results and minimize wasted time or resources. Here are some tips for effective SEO project management:

Hire a Full-Time Staff Member:

Having an experienced SEO professional on staff will help to keep your projects running smoothly and efficiently.

This person should be familiar with the latest search engine algorithms, advanced keyword research, content planning strategies, competitive analysis methods, link-building tactics, and other important aspects of SEO.

They should also have experience in managing large-scale projects from start to finish. The SEO project manager will be the number one point of contact on any project from beginning to end, so ensure you’ll be confident in their performance.

Invest in Software:

Investing in software such as task managers or project management tools can help streamline processes while ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process.

These programs can automate mundane tasks such as tracking progress or monitoring deadlines which frees up more time for creative work like developing new campaigns or optimizing existing ones.

Establishing checkpoints and objectives at each step of the project can help ensure progress by providing well-defined aims that must be achieved before proceeding to the following stage of the endeavor.

This could include setting specific targets for website traffic growth over a certain period of time or reaching certain rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).

Develop Detailed Plans & Strategies

Before beginning any major project, it’s important to develop detailed plans outlining exactly what needs to be done along with timelines for completion so everyone involved knows what their responsibilities are from day one.

It’s also important to create comprehensive strategies that take into account all aspects of your business goals, including technical elements like page speed optimization and off-page activities.

Outsource Management

Consider working with a qualified agency that has the experience and expertise to manage your business or brand’s marketing portfolio. It may seem like a big risk, but many agencies have the tools and know-how to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest quality.

Just be sure that an agency aligns with your values and goals!

What to Include in Your Project Management Strategy

A well-crafted plan should include a content calendar, ongoing technical optimizations, reporting, and analytics tracking. This ensures that your team is perfectly aligned around project goals and held accountable for their actions.

Content Calendar

The content calendar should include deadlines for when specific tasks need to be completed and milestones that mark key points in the overall project timeline. It’s also important to create a list of keywords or topics related to each piece of content so that you can measure its performance over time and adjust your approach accordingly.

Technical Audit Checklist

Technical audits are another key component of effective SEO project management. This involves ensuring all elements on a website are optimized for search engines, such as page titles, page speed, interlinking, and much more!

Reports and Analytics

Reports should include keyword rankings, traffic, off-page metrics, conversions, and anything else that is relevant to your campaign. Build monthly or bi-monthly reports that provide a steady stream of information to clients.

Backlink Portfolio

Keep track of sites you have contacted, what strategies have worked, and domains where you’ve acquired links. Remember, link-building relationships can be leveraged more than once, giving you future opportunities if you land a good impression. So make sure to keep track of all links that point to your site.

SEO project management may seem straightforward, but by understanding the role of the project manager, you can hold them more accountable.

As we stated previously, look for an SEO project manager with a proven portfolio of success, and that aligns with your company values.

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