The Why’s and How’s of SEO & Content Marketing

Few things in life are more frustrating than knowing something is important to an end goal, in this case, increased market share and revenue, and not getting everyone else, especially a CEO, on board.

It’s not an uncommon scenario. As a marketing leader, you’re the ruler of your professional domain, and so it’s likely that you spend a considerable amount of time brushing up on marketing trends and checking out the latest guru tips.

It’s also likely that your CEO does not. They have other important concerns to worry about, like running the business. That is, after all, why you were hired, right? It’s important to get the CEO to understand the value; that’s where the biggest influence resides.

SEO-Driven Content MarketingYou may fantasize about that moment when you rush through the door with unbridled confidence, demand funding for SEO and content marketing, convincing your boss with just a few well-chosen words, and ultimately celebrating your success with showers of confetti, some bubbly, and of course that raise you’ve been aiming for.

But if you want that fantasy to become somewhat of a reality, you’re going to have to do a lot more than practice that confident swagger and a pro-SEO one-liner.

While I can’t promise your professional fantasy will play out exactly as planned, I can pass along a few valuable concepts that will help you convince your CEO that SEO-driven content marketing, when done right, will have a solid ROI and contribute to the overall success of all marketing channels.

SEO-Driven Content Represents the Whole Package

Nearly all (93%) of online experiences start with a search engine. Further, few search users move on to the second-page SERPS, meaning the key to earning organic CTRs is landing on the first page, preferably in the top five organic spots.

Assuming your SEO strategy leads to top SERPS, then your content is what will capture users after the click. High quality, relevant content will keep users on your page longer, leading to better brand appeal and conversions.

To put it simply, if your organization is a house, then SEO is the foundational piece, and content marketing is the curb appeal and interior staging. Together, those two things create a home worth purchasing. That’s it. If a company wants an online presence, they need to have an SEO-driven content strategy.

Quick Results vs Continual Results

Want to get some quick results? Run an aggressive email campaign, send out a fail-safe offer on your social sites, or increase your PPC bids, and you’ll likely see, at minimum, a nice little bump in revenue.

The problem with that approach is two-fold. When the email campaign ends, or you change your PPC strategy, the revenue halts. The problem is compounded by the fact that the revenue bump isn’t only temporary, it’s expensive. And it’s not sustainable.

When SEO is paired with content marketing, the results may not lead to immediate increases in revenue, but they set the stage for long term revenue growth through less costly efforts that grow brand awareness and cultivate long-term customer acquisition, i.e., loyalty.

Prove SEO and Content Marketing Value to your BossResources Win Returns

At the heart of the resource to returns, the mentality is the concept of educational marketing. Individuals who view an organization as being a reliable and consistent source of information, guidance, and support are more likely to become long-term customers than those that just check in for a quick sale. SEO-driven content has the power to put your brand front and center at various points of the purchasing funnel, acting a solid branch of the sales department. It’s essential to explain the value of gaining resource-based brand awareness in every step of the purchasing process.

Those concepts can go a long way in convincing even the most stubborn CEOs, but to successfully bring your facts from fantasy to fruition, you’ll also need to prepare yourself for success. Here’s how

Make a Plan

If you want your concerns to be taken seriously, you need to present them in a manner that demands such. Don’t stroll in with a few facts stored on the tip of your tongue and hope for the best.

When developing your plan, avoid silo pitfalls. Your plan may be essential to the success of the marketing team, but it’s likely, especially with SEO-driven content marketing, that the value will extend past your department boundaries. Which brings us to the next point…

SEO-Driven Content Marketing: planningShow Value

Even without a solid SEO plan in place, you should be able to use site analytics to show your CEO exactly how powerful efforts can be and what type of dollars are left lying on the table in the absence of cultivation.

Value illustrations aren’t and shouldn’t be limited to site analytics. Show your boss how the competition is currently leveraging SEO tactics and showing up in all the right places. With an audience of 65,000 viewers every second, your company website quickly becomes the “other” CMO, a fully operating entity of your business. Being in the right place at the right time can lead to significant growth; not being in the right place gives your competition a pretty big lead.

Incorporate the Front-Line Teams

If your website is the “other” CMO, then your sales team and your customer service teams are the front lines, driving home sales and keeping customer’s satisfied once a sale is made. For the marketing department, this represents an essential piece of the puzzle (not only for SEO-driven content but for every channel).

You need to know what customers – existing and potential – need and want. Having that knowledge will sharpen the focus of everything from product descriptions to blog and video posts. Communication with those departments will also show your CEO the scale of importance SEO will have on your business. Better SEO will lead to more frequent leads.

Stronger content marketing can do the same. It can also help decrease unnecessary burdens on your customer service team. Finally, when the two are combined, the value increases, laying a foundation for stronger branding (more action for sales), and a better overall experience for existing customers.

SEO-driven content marketing represents a strong and well-defined path towards success and convincing your CEO that this is an essential part of your marketing plan will have a lasting positive effect on your organizational performance.

To take your marketing plan from fantasy to fruition, arm yourself with the knowledge and concepts that showcase the potential and importance that accompany SEO-driven content marketing, or let us help by contacting us below. We can all use a little champagne and confetti celebration in our lives.



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