SEO Refresh Campaign

ContentMender’s SEO Refresh Campaign revives your website’s online performance, helping to propel your rankings by addressing the technical and content-related issues that plague many websites.

Our SEO Refresh will improve your website performance by improving:

  • Search Engine Crawlability
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Website Content
  • Website Authority

The initial phases provide your business with a website that is free of technical SEO issues, and has an optimized site structure, which allows search engines to easily crawl and index your website content. ContentMender will also optimize all existing content, make recommendations/or create new content, and analyze your linking profile.

Our SEO Refresh consists of four main phases.

Google Analytics Basics traffic

SEO Refresh Discovery

ContentMender requests access to the necessary tools, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We can provide info on how to gain us access to these SEO tools.

We also request access to any other digital-marketing data (paid adWords Campaigns, etc.), and request a meeting with not the marketing department, but also the sales department and C-level executives. This initial information is vital to a smooth SEO campaign, and can save multiple steps in the future – which means less time for bigger changes.

SEO Refresh Website Audit & Strategy

ContentMender will conduct a deep audit of your website from both a technical, content and site authority perspective. We’ll audit:

  • Technical SEO: analyze and provide solutions site indexation, server responses and redirection, site structure, site speed, mobile friendliness, etc.
  • Site content: analyze existing site content for proper optimization tactics, including page titles, headlines, meta descriptions, image alt text, internal linking, related keyword inclusion, etc.
  • Site authority: review backlink authority, disavow any bad links
  • Mobile SEO: make sure your website is fully optimized for mobile-first indexing
  • Local SEO: review all local SEO aspects, including Google My Business and local citations

ContentMender will also perform more analysis to complete our strategy, including the following:

  • Validate best practices of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Review current traffic and search rankings to identify trends and threats
  • Keyword research
  • Page-by-page keyword mapping
  • Competitive research (including search rankings and top keywords)

Once we complete the above task, we develop an SEO strategy that relies on the completion of many tactics. A strategy has steps, multiple variables and future considerations. We will set a timeline of tasks and goals with target completion dates.

SEO Refresh Campaign Execution

Once we create we finish the technical audit, a clear list of action items will be created for your web development team to implement. Don’t have web developers? No worries, we can provide implementation services.

We will also outline plans to optimize existing content using target keywords. Our Content Optimization efforts will include copywriting to support existing text and non-text including:

  • Page titles
  • Keyword heavy internal links
  • Image Alt Text or other non-text assets
  • Header tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Keyword optimized body content

ContentMender will also disavow any bad links pointing to your website. We can also assist with any link building needs, though we recommend our SEO-Driven Content Marketing campaign for ultimate traction, which combines this SEO Refresh service with immediate content marketing.

SEO Reporting

ContentMender will set up customized reporting that is delivered to your team weekly/bi-weekly/monthly to keep on eye on data and performance, along with other reports from third-party SEO tools. This not only helps recognize trends and threats. 

What Should You Expect?

When onsite technical issues are resolved, search engines can effectively crawl and index your pages. If those pages have optimized content, they will also have increased keywords that will drive relevant traffic. The benefit of relevant traffic is increased qualified leads and/or sales, and brand exposure.

SEO is not an overnight thing, and any agency that says so is full of it. Search engines take some time to fully see the changes, which is why we our minimum campaigns begin at four months. But unlike paid media (PPC) or social media paid ads, the organic results are ongoing. Think of optimized web pages like compounding interest; it only gets better over time. SEO is constantly changing, as are trends within industries and the keywords associated with them, so like almost anything in life, SEO is an ongoing process.

Our SEO Refresh Campaign is the solution for the toughest website work. Afterwards its all about maintaining your website’s SEO health, and putting additional resources into powerful content marketing, keeping your website fresh with new and unique content weekly – daily, if possible – and third-party posting for link building and awareness PR efforts.