Content Marketing Challenges in 2019

The thought of representing your brand through content marketing may be daunting and a bit overwhelming. You know you need to create content that is diverse, interesting, brand-centered, timely, and engages the target audience. Is that all? No wonder why you’re overwhelmed. It’s a lot of responsibility to shoulder, and it’s an essential part of your business.

Content marketing success hinges on choosing the best words, images, and videos that will positively represent you. If you don’t have it figured out, that’s OK. The best way to prepare for your future content is to realize the challenges you might face.

By recognizing potential pitfalls in your content marketing strategy, you are more likely to avoid them or, at the very least, be better equipped to handle them. Don’t be shy – educate yourself with the top five content marketing challenges – and solutions to those challenges – explained below. We will focus sharply here on written content marketing such as blogging – one of ContentMender’s most popular services.

What’s Your Biggest Content Marketing Challenge? Top 5 Explained- sometimes we have to trust scary things.

1. Challenge One: Making Time

Putting in the time is the most basic but the most elusive of challenges. Since content is only one element of your marketing strategy, it can be challenging to manage every aspect in a focused way. You must formalize a content marketing strategy; this should include the scope of how you plan to represent your business to the digital world. The foundation of your plan should center around your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Being true to a defined strategy will keep you aligned to your marketing goals, establish consistency in how your business is represented, and allow your target audience to form a deeper connection with your brand story. An investment in your digital marketing strategy is an investment in your audience. The time you devote will ultimately determine how much time they devote to your business.

2. Challenge Two: Producing Quality Content (Consistently)

Yes, you know the drill. To maintain your relevance in the digital world, you must post consistently. And it’s essential to pay close attention to what you post; all shared content must be quality content that engages your audience.  Flimsy content will have the opposite effect.

You must consider three elements:

  • Your voice
  • What you are communicating
  • Your target audience

Approach each post as a small, accessible representation of your brand’s story; it’s how your audience connects to your business in a meaningful way. The goal is to establish what we call TAR – Trust, Authority, and Reputation. Each time you create content is an opportunity to remind your audience of who you are – take care and pride in what you say and how it’s said.


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3. Challenge Three: Integrating SEO

Another critical point to consider is SEO – and it all begins with intense keyword research for your written content, along with other on-page elements such as proper headline tags and internal links. Re-enforcing your content with strong SEO practices will help prospective audiences reach your content.  Ultimately, when utilized, SEO can determine and impact how your content is viewed.

Investing time in SEO will make a positive impact on your brand visibility and the growth of your digital footprint. Please remember to be patient; SEO does not garner immediate results. Organic rankings take time, patience, and discipline.

4. Challenge Four: Accepting Other Options

Creating quality content is not easy; it’s time-consuming and challenging if it’s not in your specific skillset. Enlist the help of someone who can shoulder the burden. You may not consider outsourcing – after all, you know your business better than anyone. Understandably, enlisting the help of an agency might be simple advice, but it also comes at a cost. Weigh your options and determine if it is the right option for your business.

Outsourcing may be the best solution by freeing up more time in your busy schedule. ContentMender uses 30+ writers that are experts in various verticals, from finance to performance automotive parts. The writers are matched to the client, and each piece of writing undergoes a strict, seven-layer editing/SEO process. This process saves companies time and money

What’s Your Biggest Content Marketing Challenge? Top 5 Explained- outsourcing can be a huge savings

5. Challenge Five: Share Content

You took the time and composed your content. It is crucial to extend your digital reach as much as possible. It’s not enough to write it; you must share it as well. Sharing through social media platforms will provide your business more visibility and assist with connecting to your target audience.

Social media-shared content adds another layer to your marketing efforts; it offers the opportunity for audience interaction and engagement. Be aware of likes and shares. Likes and shares are not only a reminder that you are doing a good job. They also expand your digital reach. Shared content gives your brand strong legs, allowing your story to be told time and time again. And, that’s the purpose of content marketing, to link your business to an audience through engaging content. Be proactive and share your work through all social media platforms.

Concluding Thoughts

Challenges are opportunities, especially when it comes to your content marketing strategy. Each problem is an opportunity to produce the best content possible for your business. Remember that the time and effort you put in is important. Quality content establishes brand voice, creates visibility, and engages your target audience. So, take the time and be sure your content is doing the work you expect.



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