Best Content Strategy: Enterprise and SMB

When it’s time to gain potential buyers, customers, and subscribers, the adage proves true – content is king. Content marketing is a successful strategy that pulls in revenue and provides readers with interesting ideas, stories, and helpful information.

An optimal content strategy works better than simply using paid advertising – by successfully implementing a variety of content marketing tactics like SEO, infographics, and precise writing, you are creating a pull for any would-be customers. It’s not enough to flood your pages with half-hearted, content-mill churned articles. Quality is crucial to marketing.

Quality, variety, and the right tactics keep the best content strategists on top.  Here’s a look at five of the top companies who are dominating with their content marketing strategies.

Who has the Top Content Strategy: Top 5 in Enterprise and SMB-top content strategy

1. Hubspot

The #1 entry should come as no surprise; Hubspot is a top SaaS company that focuses on helping businesses attract visitors, convert leads, and bring in customers. Hubspot’s main function is content. Their blog alone gets over 1 million page views a month – and you can bet every single one is optimized.

Hubspot doesn’t focus on the quick-draw; there’s no churning out content for the sake of getting noticed. They take time to tailor their strategy to pull in and convert on potential leads. All content is focused – blogs and posts provide readers with something they are interested in and the gives the potential customers one more piece: a solution to their problem.

Instead of flooding their blog with one-off content, Hubspot provides evergreen pieces geared to convert those clicks into buyers. Focusing on the cycle, Hubspot is implementing multiple strategies to stay on top.

Who has the Best Content Strategy Hubspot ContentMender

2. IBM

There’s no way around it – unless you are obsessed with tech and hardware, it can be difficult for readers to connect with the dry content that comes with the territory. IBM recognized this problem; as a company that produces computer hardware, IT consulting, and tech support, it is understandably difficult to appeal to the masses.

A great content strategy is taking hard content and elevating it. It’s a gift to publish content on anything and make it appealing to everyday consumers. Converting dry content into something anyone can read is an excellent strategy. Accessibility is key; without creating a wider net, you won’t be able to reach your intended audience.

Who has the Best Content Strategy IBM ContentMender3. GoPro

GoPro took content marketing to new levels of success. Their equipment is basically a walking advertisement, and they really sunk into a customer base that provides endless content. GoPro has elevated past “camera equipment.”  GoPro is now a symbol of adventure. What better way to advertise your product than to do some crazy-amazing videos and encourage your customers to as well.

Today, over 6,000 GoPro tagged videos are uploaded on Youtube every day; people rock climbing, jumping out of planes, riding rollercoasters, or exploring with their drones and more. With over 4 million subscribers, GoPro is an example of visual and video marketing that connects consumers with the company through a relatable medium.

Who has the Best Content Strategy GoPro ContentMender

4. Birchbox

A company that grows from 600 subscribers to over 800,000 over five years is definitely doing something right. Birchbox is a subscription box service with a focus on beauty products. Since their inception, they have begun to branch out to global markets, started marketing toward men, and expanded their base business. How did they do it?  Visually captivating content.

What better way to sell beauty products than capturing your audience with eye-catching features! Content is the core to Birchbox’s strategy; with image attention grabbers and engaging articles, customers are drawn in and stay for the subscription. Birchbox focuses on what their potential buyers are looking for: visual appeal. Know your market and produce content accordingly.

Who has the Best Content Strategy BirchBox ContentMender

5. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a huge brand; anywhere you go in the world, people have heard of this soda mogul. Apart from the brand marketing and story, this giant enterprise needed to find a way to connect with their customers on a more personal level.

General advertisements and catchy ads are a good way to pull in consumers and adding our names to their bottles is a good personal touch – but how do they match up with content marketing?

Coca-Cola’s blogs provide a variety of content that people can feel like they have a part in. Business, food, history, and diversity are some of the versatile blog topics covered on their website.

Readers can browse this showcase of content and find what speaks to them on a personal level. That link is what brings potential customers in: to see what’s coming next, what new stories there are to tell, and what good Coke is putting out into the world.

Who has the Best Content Strategy Coca Cola ContentMender

Building your Strategy

Whether you have a small business or run a giant corporation, original and exciting content marketing is something that every company needs to make it in this new age. Success is made when you know your audience, expand your horizons, and really cater to your consumer base.

Quality content and versatile techniques keep these marketing kings at the top. Visual appeal, relatable subjects, easy-to-follow content can help your business grow if you take the time to nurture it.

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