Why Do I Need a Content-Rich Landing Page?

One not-so-tiny component of your digital marketing campaign is the landing page. Your landing page is key in generating interest in your business. Striking the right balance between function and flare might be a little difficult to imagine, but it’s important to ensure your marketing success.

You landing page’s function is to generate new leads, whether a purchasing customer, newsletter signup or a free consultation.

Every decision you make, words, images, and features can impact whether you inspire your potential lead to leave their information. So, how can you be sure that your landing page is best suited for the task? What makes a good landing page?

A good landing page grabs its intended audience. It is welcoming, informational, and engaging. To build a successful, content-rich landing page and increase conversions, you should:

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Consider Your Audience

Consider your audience in your approach. They are the reason for the landing page you are taking the time to create. Ask yourself:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they want?
  • How can you get it for them?
  • What makes your business the best choice?

Consider Your Content

Your landing page is an actionable snapshot representation of your business and the offer you want to deliver. Choosing content wisely is crucial. Focus on your message and arrange each feature to support that message.

Your page should include the following components:

Headlines: Be Direct, Communicate What You Have To Offer With Immediacy.

  • Your headlines should grab your audience. They should both welcome and let them know why reaching your page is beneficial. Think of each headline as a first impression. A good first impression increases the chances that your audience will continue reading.

Body Content: Be Clear And Concise.

  • Establish brand identity and trust. Brand identity and trust are necessary components of your content. So, be forthright and compose your content confidently. Nobody knows your business and its benefits better than you. Trust and the relevancy of your message will determine if you are worthy of their information.
  • Take your audience on a journey that outlines the benefit you are seeking to deliver.
  • Efficiency is key. It is crucial, as your opportunity to connect with your audience is limited. Be quick. The internet is a steady stream of web pages, feeds, and pop-ups. There are infinite possibilities competing for the audience’s attention. So, it is of the utmost importance that you establish your brand and communicate your message with haste.
  • Bullet your content to ensure that your information is appealing and easy to follow.

Visual elements: Be Bold, Give Them Something To Look At.

  • Use visual elements to support your text. The way you choose to organize your page needs to be pleasing to the eye. It should support your brand and help communicate your message.
  • Selecting complimentary imagery, colors, and videos can welcome your audience and support the trust you are aiming to instill. Note: A busy landing page with too many visual components can have the opposite effect. Your aim should be directing your audience down the page to your Call To Action.

Call To Action: Be Sure You Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Purpose.

The elements of your page should be balanced and cohesive with one goal in mind, to direct your audience to your Call To Action (CTA).

  • Make sure your CTA button is just that a call to action. Let your audience know why they are clicking.
  • Make sure your CTA button is visible. Placement on your landing page is key and can help elicit the desired response.

consider your audience

Social Media Widgets: Be Savvy With Sharing.

What you are offering is great, why not give your audience the opportunity to share the news with others? Adding social media widgets to your page gives your audience an opportunity to distribute your offer which will maximize traffic to your landing page. More traffic increases your opportunity to obtain new leads.

Consider SEO Optimization

A landing page should be an easy-to-find destination. But how can you increase traffic to your page? Potential leads will not land if your destination is remote. That is, if it can’t be found with ease in a Google search, your page doesn’t exist.

SEO should be at the heart of your page’s design. The words you choose to represent your business should speak to your campaign as well as integrate keywords. Keywords are Google AdWords-researched terms that resonate with the search engine and influence the ranking of your content when they are searched. The integration of keywords in your content will help rank your page so it is visible and will increase site traffic. And, more site traffic will increase your chances for lead retention.

Consider Your Resources

With many important components, the thought of building your landing page might be a little overwhelming. Sites like Shopify and Squarespace exist to ease that burden. These sites offer businesses software solutions to build webpages.

Concluding Thoughts

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to building a great landing page. Remember, your landing page is an opportunity to grow your business. Your goal should be to inspire your audience and convert them into new leads.

It is important to be committed to your offer and true to your brand. Your page should be balanced, cohesive, and easy on the eyes. Just as important, is the text you choose. Each word represents your business and has the potential to create more site traffic.

The more traffic, the more opportunities for new leads. Your landing page can make all the difference between growing or stagnating.