Blog writing and SEO go hand in hand. It’s a match made in heaven, practically. Search engine optimization is always evolving, and while writing is a difficult skill, finding someone who has both talents is like striking gold.

SEO is an excellent additional skill to have, especially since the algorithms are always changing. But what can this extra talent do for your blog and should you even have one? Of course! Here are a few simple reasons why and how it can make a difference for your brand.

having a writer who knows seo is not essential but recommended

Why write blogs for your site?

Simple – writing a consistent blog can do wonders for your brand. It establishes authority, brings in an audience, and keeps them coming back. It also helps if you find a quality writer. Churning out content isn’t the only thing that matters. It needs to be good, quality content, evergreen preferred, and to do that you have to get some good writers. 

Plus, those writers should have knowledge of SEO, and that little boost will not only help you with search, but also with getting your brand name in front of the right people. So, what can that little helping SEO knowledge do for you? 

1. Peppering in those “Good” Keywords

People are looking for something specific and that’s when keywords come in handy. Keywords are a good way to circle in on what your audience is looking for and the right search terms can help. Of course, you can’t just cram in a bunch of keywords either. Keyword stuffing can have a negative effect on your ranking in search.  

When a writer has SEO knowledge, they can use keywords effectively with a bit of nuance, and good writing. The goal is to make these terms work naturally and not dump them all on the reader at once. Having someone with the knowledge and skill to use these words effectively can really help.

2. Don’t Forget Long-Tail Keywords

Sure, focusing on keywords is great, but there’s also a lot of competition out there. If everyone is using the same keywords, all your hard work may prove to be ineffective. However, if your writer knows a thing or two about SEO, they’ll be zeroed in on the long game, or the “long-tail.” 

Instead of just grabbing a bunch of popular search terms, it’s better to focus on phrasing. If a writer knows how to finesse terms by combining them into phrases with lower competition, you’ll have an easier time ranking. For example, if you are trying to rank for t-shirts, but you widen the search by using the phrase “blue crew neck t-shirts for men” instead, you not only open up more options, but you are ranking for a few different categories. Specific phrases can get you better traffic than vague terminology.

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3. They Know Their Way Around Headers

In addition to the body content, the headers and subheaders can influence search. They essentially tell Google what your article is about, and they help with article readability. A good SEO blog writer can sneak keywords into headers and subheadings in each blog naturally. Again, you don’t want to oversaturate, and a good writer will know how and when to use these terms properly.

4. Reader-friendly Content

An experienced blog writer will know how much info is needed and strike the perfect balance. How long should a blog be? What do readers want to know? What should they focus on?

If a blog is too long and unfocused, it likely won’t have good traffic. Plus, if there are too many subjects, no number of keywords will help.

Focused writing is best, and while more writing is good, you don’t want to be too long-winded. You don’t want to fall into the TL; DR category. Mind the subject, keep focus, and manage your word count depending on the subject matter. Also, break it up; smaller paragraphs are better for quick reading and mobile, and, quite frankly, no one likes a wall of text

a blog that is easy to read will draw more attention

5. Titles and Meta Descriptions

These simple parts may not be the “bulk” of the content but having a blog writer who knows how to do them is crucial. These parts may be brief, a title should only be about 55 characters, but it’s the brevity that is challenging.

Title and meta descriptions have a direct impact on google search. Having a writer who knows the length requirements and needs to be in a meta description is essential. The same goes for URLs; they need to be focused, short, and sweet.

6. Grab that Feature Snippet

Everyone in search wants that coveted top spot, but did you know you don’t need to be ranked #1 to get the featured snippet? Using the right strategies and writing form, you can snag that top feature spot simply by having the right form, proper keywords, and optimized writing. This strategy takes a little bit more work, but with the right templating, style, and writer with SEO knowledge, it can help your search game.

7. Images Need Love Too

Finally, when it gets down to the last part, a blog writer with SEO knowledge can also add a little bit extra when it comes to images. Images can be found in search too, provided they have the right set up in your content management system. Providing alt text for your images can not only boost your search, but it can help get you that top spot. If you have an SEO savvy writer, they can provide the proper text and style, which can be the crucial final touch.

Concluding Thoughts

Having a good writer can be an asset, but a good writer with SEO skills is invaluable. With quality content and search engine optimization skills, you can expect great things from your blog. Don’t forget to post frequently, stay ahead of shifting algorithms, and keep providing relevant and useful information to readers. Invest the time and effort and maximize what your blog can do for your brand.